Ashley Pratt is a talented interior stylist but most importantly, a very old and dear friend. Acting as the well respected senior stylist at Australia’s House and Garden magazine, as well as a freelance stylist extraordinnaire, design has always been in Ashley’s blood. I remember as young school friends watching her constantly remodel her bedroom, with collections of vintage keys and books to postcards.

One of the most surprisingly incredible elements in the development of a passion project like Atelier Romy is working in collaboration with a talented friend. Earlier this year I had the opportunity to shoot with Ashley and our favourite photographer / friend, Chris Mohen, at the beautiful restaurant space Missy French in Sydney’s Potts Point. Our inspiration was to build a concept which would eventually evolve to include our consumers. Together, we built the idea of the #romyathome hashtag, looking at how our #romyarmy take off and place their jewellery when they are getting ready, or going to bed. Ashley’s styling and vision was obviously the pinnacle and we eagerly wait your creative vision, which we’ll be watching through the hashtag!

Forever indebted Ash, and can’t wait to see all of your #romyathome pictures.

With Love,

Hermione & Sabine.