Buying jewellery is an intimate and difficult process for anyone at anytime but perhaps even harder when buying for a fashion stylist wife! With this in mind, we sat down to gain advice from Jonathan Lockonego on how to buy jewellery for your lover. Jonny is the Owner and Hair stylist at Lockonego Hair salon in Chelsea, London and co-founder of Saunders & Long, a product line launching in 2017.

How do you buy jewellery for women? 

It’s a daunting task. Get it right and she’ll love you forever.

How do you find the right gift for your loved one?

Have a look at what she owns already and how she wears it. For example, is her watch / existing jewellery gold, white, black or rose gold? Does she have pierced ears? What she wears now will tell you what she would like to receive as a gift. Or maybe she has everything and is missing a necklace for everyday..?!

Was it easy for you to find a piece in the Atelier Romy collection?

The great thing about Atelier Romy is that every piece is made from solid Sterling Silver, gold-plated and set with sparkling CZ’s which creates the look and feel of high end jewellery without the price tag.

What do you like about Sterling Silver Jewellery?

Fine sterling silver jewellery makes a perfect gift as you are investing in precious metal quality but at a more affordable price point than gold. With Atelier Romy, you are saving money by buying online and it is delivered straight to your door, which removes the daunting and overwhelming hassle of having to shop.

How did you get the ring size right?

My wife likes Atelier Romy rings as they are not designed for a specific finger so she can wear them on any finger – also meaning I can’t go wrong with size.

So what did you get?

My wife is a stylist and has very cool, modern style and loves mixing metals. Her engagement ring and wedding band is white gold and she loves emeralds. I recently bought her a mix of yellow and rose gold rings which she loves and wears on a few different fingers. She loved the packaging – a modern, black box that she tells me she’ll reuse.

Thank you Jonny for all these helpful tips and any other last suggestions or any favourites?

Well, I actually love the unisex black gold plated bangle and I kept it for myself. I had it personalised with my initials* and I think it looks really cool.

* Engraving is available by request. Please allow some lead-time.