We sit down with the beauty, inside and out, Anna-Sophie Mungenast for the first in our #RomyAsks interview series. Here, we intend to dive into the life, style and world of influential women who inspire us.

Anna-Sophie is an Austrian model who, having spent years in New York, is now living and breathing life into the streets of London. From how she will be remembered to her favourite piece of Atelier Romy, let’s dive into the ultimate minute with @annasophie_love. We love you Anna-Sophie, thank you for rocking AR. xx

Tell us a little bit about yourself
I am originally from Austria, moved to Japan for 1 year when I was 17, lived in NY for 8 years and now I am in lovely London. I looove to travel, to boogie and look at art.

How would you describe your style?
Timeless. I don’t follow trends but I can go from super eccentric to grey cashmere in 2.5 seconds.

Your 5 key wardrobe staples?
Leather jacket, trench coat, white linen shirt, booties and earrings.

Why does jewellery mean to you?
It is either something sentimental that connects me to the person who gave it to me and means a lot to me, or it just makes me feel good whether I’m in gym cloths or a dress.

If you could only wear one piece forever more, which would it be and why? 
Earrings. I am sporty and active. I tend to loose my rings in public restrooms and my necklaces get caught in things.

Which Atelier Romy piece is your favourite? Which did you shoot & why?
The L earring in silver pave because they kind of reflect my style: rock-chick, minimalistic but also loud.

Quote you live by /(or) Pillars you live by?
Try everything once!

How will you be remembered?
Best dressed on halloween

If Atelier Romy were to hire you, what would you do?
I always wanted to be someones muse.. an Edie for Warhol kind of situation 😉

Favourite restaurant in London?

See more of Anna-Sophie’s life and adventures on instagram @annasophie_love and on her website.
All images shot in central London by Abbie Roden for Atelier Romy.