We hear the wise words from the woman behind the workbench. The master goldsmith and designer of our beloved Atelier Romy, Sabine Roemer, is as bright and beautiful as the jewellery she creates. A classically trained goldsmith, Sabine came to London 15 years ago but was born and brought up in Germany.

In this #RomyAsks, we learn the founder’s favourite piece, how she became the designer she is today, and that in the early days, it wasn’t all jewels and gold, but another kind of hoop entirely. Enjoy! xRosie.

What is your background?
Jewellery, gems and design…! I’m a classical trained goldsmith and have a masters degree in jewellery making and design as well as gemologie and all the other fun subjects that come with it! I started when I was 15 and, since then, have worked all around the world for different workshops until I came to London, settled down, and created pieces under my own name – Sabine Roemer.

Where are you from… and where is home? 
I was born in Germany but London is my home now, and has been, for over 15 years. I absolutely love it here.

What does a typical day look like for you? 
Thank God there is never a ‘typical day’ as I dislike routine. With kids, aspects of routine were forced upon me, but it is the true artist in me who fights against that. I’ll spend one day locked up in my studio, the next running around town between meetings, and intermittently making room to sit with Hermione in front of spread sheets to figure out the strategy of the latest collection.

Which is your favourite AR piece in the collection?
I do love our Atelier Romy L earring from our most recent collection. I wear it with our Pavé ring, plated in solid sterling silver or black rhodium.

Which AR pieces do you wear every day?
I love our Atelier Romy bespoke engraved, diamond ring. In particular, the clean shape of the angles, and the personal touch of the hand-engraved initials. I love it and it looks so good with every other piece I put on. I also adore and never take off our classic Eternity Bands. It’s so great to have these classics in a range of modern sizes, so that you can wear them on your pinky finger or on your thumb. I hold my thumb ring with our Atelier Romy horn ring as it is slightly too big for me.

Who is your ultimate AR woman? If anyone could wear the brand, who would it be? And Why? 
It has to be Natalie Massenet. I think she is so elegant, cool and an amazing inspiration as a business woman. I would feel very honoured if we could inspire her with our Atelier Romy pieces.

What drives you to build this brand.
I wanted to create a brand and bring the aesthetics and beautiful craftsmenship of High Jewellery to a wider audience. The sterling silver jewellery brands which were already out there, I felt, didn’t look “real”, modern enough, or well executed. When I met Hermione, the opportunity to create something with someone was so exciting – it’s such a great synergy between us which now, I wouldn’t want to miss for the world. I tried (and failed) with my own sterling silver brand before, but was missing so much that Hermione now brings to the table. I’m so excited about our baby, Atelier Romy, and all our adventures to come.

Where do you hope Atelier Romy will be in 5 years time.
I hope to have launched in a few more countries and opened our first shop (or two… a girl can dream)! Obviously, with more collections and a wider range of ring sizes first!

Tell us something about yourself we didn’t know?
I used to play and teach Basketball. It was pretty much my life since I turned 12 and both of my brothers and cousins were playing so it was such fun travelling through Europe together and playing our favourite sport. How things have changed now!

Last question …. You favourite metal and stone?
Metal – It has to be yellow gold to work with. When I drill, file or polish yellow gold just makes me smile,  it’s like the sun dropped into your workbench. To wear, most of the time its silver & white gold. I think it suits my skin tone better.

Stones – It has to be diamonds as they are the strongest to work with; you can even put them into the fire and nothing happens. For a favourite coloured stone, it must be Rubellite, which is the pink version of Tourmaline.