Stephanie Waxberg is an esteemed fashion influencer who consults to luxury brands whilst splitting her life between London and Ibiza. Not only is Stephanie impossibly beautiful, chic and stylish, she is one of the kindest women we have met in our time in this cherished city. We sat down with Stephanie to share her thoughts on jewellery (of course), style and how she’d be remembered…

Steph, tell us a little bit about yourself. 
I live in London, but travel frequently and I have a brand consultancy business which provides brand strategy, business development and content creation for some of my favourite brands. I feel super lucky that I love my life, but I suppose I also created some of that luck by bringing together the aspects of my life that I love – fashion, travel, business, creativity – and turning into a lifestyle career.

How would you describe your style?
50 shades of beige… I love a good neutral! I’ll pretend it’s because I think it looks super chic, but it’s probably a little out of laziness – I find it makes it super easy to get dressed as everything goes together so you can mix and match pieces from your whole wardrobe no matter what season it is. I’d say my style is definitely pretty classic and simple but I love to layer different fabrics, like cashmere and silk satin, with luxe accessories to keep it interesting.

Your 5 key wardrobe staples?
A tailored double breasted jacket 
A slip dress
A cashmere jumper
The perfect high waisted jeans
A long gold necklace

What does jewellery mean to you?
A person’s jewellery always tells a real story about them, often much more so than their clothes. Pieces picked up on on their travels, from different times in their life… Gifts, from loved ones, exes or themselves… The pieces that we continue to wear are like memories. You’ll always get a tale when you ask people about the stories behind their jewellery.

If you could only wear one piece forever more, which would it be and why?
My engagement ring. It’s a super simple solitaire but the beauty is in the detail – the super skinny band and the bespoke 4 claw raised setting make the diamond almost seem like it’s floating. It was a complete surprise and my husband took his time to research every aspect of the design which makes it even more special.

Which Atelier Romy piece is your favourite? Which did you shoot & why? 
The Emerald Ring. You can keep it simple, personalise it with a monogram, or adorn it with diamonds. It really feels like a special piece to cherish.

Quote you live by?
“Everything will be alright in the end. If it’s not alright, it’s not the end.”
I remember reading it almost 20 years ago and thinking it was a really sweet quote. I now think it’s also very true. Other than that – be happy, be kind and have fun!

How will you be remembered? 
As that girl who drank like a fish but never got a hangover… 

If Atelier Romy were to hire you, what would you do?
I’d be the leader of the dance break!

Favourite restaurant in Paris or London?
Colbert in London. I basically live there. Have the bacon roll for breakfast, the chopped salad for lunch and the crevettes roses with frites for dinner.

You can find Stephanie on instagram @stephaniewaxberg and dive further into her world online at The Style Memo. Shot with Abbie Roben for Atelier Romy in London.