The Campaign

We were fortunate to shoot our first campaign in London recently with esteemed German photographer Markus Lambert. Markus has built a name internationally as a high fashion photographer, working between London and Paris. His expertise is the way in which he marries the overarching look and feel of the model in each shot with the clarity and focus of the true star: the jewellery. Our incredibly beautiful model, Milou, defines the Atelier Romy woman. She is strong, considered, beautiful, hard working, humble and international. Milou has become part of our Atelier Romy family and we look forward to working with her for Collection II et al. The team was complete with Sabine’s dear friend and ‘man of honour’, Jonathan ‘Jonny’ Long of Lockonego, London. Johnny is an esteemed celebrity stylist who also happens to be perhaps our number one supporter.

The vision for our campaign was to present Atelier Romy in some of the many ways our product was intended to be worn and celebrated: stacked and styled or simply shining in its own light. Our brand is intended to become part of your every day life but also celebrated in life’s key moments. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome of our shoot and thank the team for not only bringing our vision to life but surpassing our expectations.


Hermione and Sabine x