Creating modern, unique jewellery is our mission and it is in our in-house Master Goldsmiths hands. For our founder, Sabine, it has been a lifelong endeavour and commitment to qualify with such a title. The wealth of knowledge and experience she brings to our brand as a ‘High Jeweller’ sets us apart. When you buy a jewellery piece from Atelier Romy, you are buying a piece that has been designed and refined by one of very few fully qualified Master Goldsmiths in Europe. 

Each of our pieces is conceptualised, designed, sketched and prototyped from our work bench in London, before it is created for sale in limited edition quantities by our manufacturers internationally.

Having Sabine’s expertise on hand, we are able to customise and engrave your pieces to ensure your limited edition becomes one of a kind. We are also able to custom size certain pieces within the collection to meet your exact ring size. We take jewellery personally and we think you should, too. For custom pieces and personalisation, email us and to find our your ring size, order our ring sizer or dive into the sizing section. 

Love the AR team. x